Deluxe Platters and Party Trays

The featured selections of the party trays are prepared fresh with wholesome ingredients.
Platters can be used to compliment our Critics Choice menu or create a selection of items to create a light Party assortment.
Portions: small 10-15, medium 15-25, large 25-40


Petite sandwich Swirls with
Various Tasty Fillings
Lg (50) $98.00 Md (35) $69.95


Selection of Fresh Garden
Vegetables & Creamy Herb Dip
Lg $63.55 Md $43.40 Sm $30.69


Elegant variety of Fresh Fruit
Fruit Mirror $85.25
Lg $65.69 Md $43.40 Sm $32.00

Meat or Sausage Tray

Selection of Assorted Cold Cuts
Lg $76.85 Md $52.95

Meat & Relish Tray

Sm $34.95


Assorted Pickles & Olives
Lg $53.00 Md $37.00 Sm $25.15

Antipasto Platter

$6.95 per guest

Fruit & Cheese Combo

An Artful Blend of Fresh Fruit
and Cheeses
Lg $76.85 Md $50.00 Sm $41.29

Decorative Cheese

European & Canadian Cheeses
$3.45 per person


Assorted Crackers
Lg $32.00 Md $26.00 Sm $21.00

Dinner Buns & Butter

Crusties, Soft or Assorted, etc.
By the Dozen $5.95

Mexican Seven Layer Dish

Scrumptious Rich Layers with
Crispy Nachos
Large $55.12 Md $40.25

Smoked Salmon Pate

A cream cheese salmon mixture in a bowl or mould $2.75 per guest

Spinach Dip in Bread Loaf

Healthfully Delicious
Feeds 25 $45.00

Artichoke Dip in Bread Loaf

Delightfully Rich & Zesty Dip
Feeds 25 $45.00

Italian Tomato Bruschetta

Fresh & Delicious
with Toasted Baguettes
Feeds 25 minimum $60.00

California Sushi Rolls & Dip

A favorite Wrapped Treat
1.85 each Minimum 24

Dessert options are available in our dessert menu.